Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When fish fight back

The Associated Press is reporting a 25-year-old woman's leg was broken when a 6-foot-long sturgeon jumped into her airboat while on a Florid River.
The Sunday accident was the fifth report of a person injured by a jumping fish this year, according to Florida Fish and Wildlive Conservation Commission officials, the AP reported.
Makes me think twice about the fillet-o-fish sandwich I had for lunch. Or, maybe, tartar sauce should be standard gear for Florida boaters.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Other folks' leftovers: It's what's for dinner

I'd like to think we've all scarfed down a cold slice of pizza or that leftover tuna casserole out of the fridge. But one restaruant is cooking up a plan (the plan is all they are cooking, by the way) to buy your leftovers by the pound and resell them. The Kinston Free Press in Kinston, NC reports "Lefties" is opening a restaurant based on what can only be called the "You gonna eat that?" business model.

The mystery box in my fridge is scary enough. I'd prefer not to purchase your leftovers, thanks anyway.

BTW, "Lefties" apparently didn't play well in D.C. Must have been something about the name.

BONUS QUOTES: “Say you have hamburgers on Wednesday night, and there are three left over,” Ward said. “If you don’t want to eat hamburgers again that week, all you have to do is use our drive-thru window on your way to work. Someone from our staff will weigh your leftovers and pay you $1.50 per pound.”

AND: “The service is really fast because the food has already been cooked,” said Lefty’s customer Haney Ginsburg of Grifton. “I got some hamburger steak that had a few cigarette ashes on top, just like mama used to make.”

Here's a link, if you can stomach it.