Friday, March 30, 2007

Rental Car Snake Claimed

From TMJ4 Milwaukee

A snake found hidden in a rental car glove box is back with it's owners.A Budget Rental Car worker found the snake when he was cleaning out the car. Animal Control came to take the snake away. After seeing the snake on television last night, owner Roseann Burks recognized Sammy the boa constrictor. She told TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Lauren Leamanczyk that she and her boyfriend rented the car two weeks ago. They stopped at a store and left the snake in a bag inside the car. When they came back out, the snake was nowhere to be found. Roseann says they assumed the snake had been stolen. "I'm surprised he survived honestly," she said. "Cause he could have died, he could have went in the engine, anywhere. He could have frozen." Sammy is just fine. No one got hurt.

Jason's snark: Yeah, but they missed the 'gator in the trunk.

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Tracy said...

This is my favorite one so far. I wish I could have seen their face when they opened the glove box. Woo!