Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Naked woman shot by cop

From Santa Cruz Sentinel.com

A woman who was shot by a Watsonville police officer Saturday morning is in County Jail facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run and auto theft.
Lisa Isidro, 35, of Miles Lane in Watsonville, was arrested about 6:45 a.m. Saturday after a struggle with police officer Randy Pecse that ended in her being shot in the left biceps and then crashing the officer's patrol car into another car and a fence.
Police came upon Isidro when they responded to a call of a couple arguing after an all-night party. While an officer talked with Isidro's boyfriend, she ran out into the street naked, swinging her purse, and confronted Pecse, according to police Capt. Manny Solano.
"She went out into the street in a crazed state," Solano said. "She had a lit cigarette, which she began to chew on the burning end. [Pecse] knew then he was dealing with someone who was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance"
In an attempt to subdue the woman, Pecse used pepper spray, but she slipped his grasp and slid into his patrol car, which was nearby with the door open. She began gunning the engine and drove the car toward Pecse, who fired one round into her bicep, Solano said.
Isidro drove about a block before she drove the car into another vehicle and into a fence. She was treated for her injuries and released and booked in County Jail.

Jason's snark: Wow, nekkid lady, chawing on the business end of a lit cig, stealing a cop car after an all-night party, and the officer realized he was dealing with a druggie? That's some fine detective work there! Promote that man to chief!

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Anonymous said...

That cop needs to become the lead detective on a high profile case and that lady needs to seek professional help because she seems to be a head case.